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│ Description│
Dokkebikorea ltd, products are made ​​directly to the character development is a product made ​​in Korea. Character is capable of Korea's 1,300 year-old tradition as a new character to the local tourism product development and performance, and is used in musical character.

│ Synopsis │
DOKKEBI Character I when the Kingdom Unified Anapji Gyeonju area basesd on the the excavated pottery was created also in korea, more than 50,000 have been handed down in storytelling.

│ Feature │

  • Made by cotton 100%
  • size (34cm x 44cm)
  • Made in Korea
  • use it all


│ Specification│

  • It has been chosen, named and started by the City of Seoul as the character development company in 2013. It is the entertainment agency with the field of development, production and distribution.
  • It does its best to show the world how wonderful Korean culture is through various channels. Its channels will offer various Korean contents and categories that will reveal everything about Korean popular-traditional culture.
  • Proprietary name: SUHOKEBI Eco Bag
    Color: ivory+ pink(strap)
    Type: bag(eco bag, campus eco bag)
  • Washing: dry cleaner(recommended),
    neutral detergent,
  • Manufactured: dokkebikorea
    Manufactured date: Oct. 2014
    Distributor: dokkebikorea



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